During April 2009, the IfA Conference hosted a one day session on the problems of post excavation. The session was organised by Amanda Forster and Rebecca Beardmore of Birmingham Archaeology (University of Birmingham), and sponsored by English Heritage. Those taking part in the day have generously agreed to allow their presentations to be viewed on this website, for which the hosts are very grateful. The presentations are all accessible here as PDF files and are the sole copyright of the authors. Please contact the author if you intend to refer to content of these presentations, either directly or through the web author.

The Presentations

Amanda Forster (Birmingham Archaeology)
Welcome To The Dark Side: Why Talk About Post Excavation Anyway?

Stewart Bryant (ALGAO East)
Jenny Glazebrook (Managing Editor East Anglian Archaelogy)
Andy Hutcheson (NAU Archaeology)
Standards For Post Excavation Assessment: A View From The East Of England

Steve Haynes (Arup)
Andy Crockett (Oxford Wessex Archaeology)
Monte Carlo Or Bust: Post-Excavation And The CTRL

Mike Wood (NAL Project Officer)
A Slice Through Time Or A Chronological Pipe Dream? Post-Excavation Management Within Linear Developments

Dr. Jo McKenzie (Division of AGES, University of Bradford)
Ian Armit (Division of AGES, University of Bradford)
The Broxmouth Project: Vintage, Retro, Or The Next Big Thing? Post-Excavation And The Academic Sector

Rebecca Nicholson (Oxford Archaeology)
Specialists Are Archaeologists Too: Environmental Archaeology And The Post-Excavation Processor

Duncan Brown (Southampton County Council)
Another Fine Mess

Rebecca Beardmore (Post Excavation Officer, Birmingham Archaeology)
Post-Excavation: Views From The Outside

Royston Clark (EDP)
Post Excavation and Project Management: The Challenges Facing The Archaeological Consultant

Alex Smith (Oxford Archaeology)
Post-Excavation Project Management And The Changing Face Of Archaeological Publishing

Judith Winters (Internet Archaeology)
A Link, A Level, A Layer, A LEAP: Digital Publication Possibilities And Realities


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