Welcome To The Dark Side: Why Talk About Post-Excavation Anyway?

Dr Amanda Forster (Post-Excavation Manager, Birmingham Archaeology)

This paper provides an introduction to the session and addresses some of the themes which will be discussed throughout the day. It is concerned with one main question: why do we continue to have so many problems in post excavation? The session as a whole aims to elucidate what post excavation really is, who it concerns and how it can perhaps be better defined and better managed within the archaeological process. The paper will present a summary of how we have arrived at where we are today, ways we can define post excavation, and what kind of training is available to provide us with the necessary skills for the job. The paper aims to bring to the fore some of the main questions that the session will address; is the concept of developer-funding always going to create barriers in archaeological publication? Do we too often blame PPG16 for the production of limited and bare minimum reports? Is there a solution? And finally, will we ever reach an archaeological utopia where The Backlog Project is a thing of the past?

Welcome To The Dark Side: Why Talk About Post-Excavation Anyway? (PDF file)


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